It has to be a very hard, and heartbreaking decision to have to cancel or postpone your spring or summer wedding, after all the planning and the time spent looking forward to it.

But there is a silver lining in that weddings will come back again, albeit with some socially distant changes. There has been a growing trend of couples celebrating to mark the date they were supposed to tie the knot by hosting a ceremony via video conferencing software, Zoom.

If you are wondering how to do similar, and have a socially distant celebration with friends and family, we have a few tips for you.

1. The Guestlist

It wouldn’t be the same without your family and friends in attendance, but thankfully, even a basic Zoom account will allow you to invite up to 100 guests. Just remember to specify the duration of the even, or Zoom will automatically end the session after 40 minutes.

2. Look for hair and makeup inspiration

It’s a very good excuse to get out of your PJs and sweatpants, dress up and put some makeup on. Don’t feel daunted about doing your own hair and makeup, as there are a wealth of tutorials on YouTube, and plenty of time to practice!

3. Send out paperless invitations

Give your partner something to do, while you perfect your wedding makeup, by designing email invites to the ceremony. Include a link to the live stream, and designate a host to be in charge of the Zoom session, admitting guests, and muting guests microphones when needed.

5. Make your guests feel special

You’re not the only one who needs an excuse to dress up, so why not set a theme or dress code for the ceremony? Curate a Spotify playlist with everyone’s favourite songs, and maybe even send out a recipe for a themed cocktail for the big day!

Always remember: your wedding is about so much more than venues and appearances. Whatever happens, enjoy the moment with the love of your life.

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