Lockdown has changed the way in which we live our lives in a wide range of ways. Of course, for anyone who was planning to tie the knot during the period, wedding plans have been seriously disrupted.

But how will the Covid-19 pandemic change weddings in the future? An article for Glamour Magazine recently suggested that we could see more couples opting for micro-weddings, with just 20 to 50 guests.

As of yet, we don’t know how long social distancing measures will be in place, and therefore what effect that could have on future wedding plans later this year or early in 2021.

Hamish Shepherd, founder of Bride Book, told the publication that couples who have been forced to rethink their wedding plans in recent months are going one of two ways: “There are definitely two routes that couples seem to be taking: Either the micro-wedding route, with just their very closest family and friends, or the go big or go home route.”

Mr Shepherd has also predicted that 2021 will be the “Year of the Wedding”. Because of demand for venues and other suppliers, he is also expecting couples to choose more unusual days for their nuptials in a bid to fit their celebrations in around other couples in a similar situation.

The Evening Standard recently noted that with lockdown restrictions being eased in England, it’s possible that small weddings could take place from June, with places of worship currently expected to look at reopening in early July.

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