Alba Díaz and Daniel Camino had spent a year planning their wedding and thought their big day was going to be thwarted due to Spain’s pandemic near-total lockdown until they came up with a creative way to go ahead, reports The Guardian.

Their dream venue was booked, a warehouse they transformed themselves in a village in northern Spain, the fresh flowers were delivered, name cards had been set at each of the place settings, and the wedding dress had had its final fittings.

Then, as Díaz and Camino saw news of the increasing Spanish numbers of COVID-19 patients, they had to decide if they needed to cancel the wedding. “We had put so much of ourselves in it,” said Díaz. “And so much time and so much money.”

They had 190 guests coming to the wedding, including some from as distant as Iceland. “It was going to be a lot of people in a small space,” said Díaz. Upset, they left the venue to return home to the city, just as the Spanish government initiated the lockdown.

It was then that Camino suggested they go ahead with the wedding, although with some modifications to suit the circumstances. Guests had started sending the couple photos, all dressed up, hair all done but with nowhere to go, when they had the idea. “That’s when we thought, we’re going to get married from our window,” said Díaz.

A neighbour volunteered to lead the ceremony from his window, with another acting as a witness from their window. The couple put on their best outfits, and they went for it.

“On this special day, two friends are getting married,” their neighbour called out, his voice filling the empty street, prompting dozens of neighbours to come to their own windows and see what was happening, cheering them on.

“In the end, it felt our wedding,” said Díaz. “It was unique, special and very personal,” added Camino. “In the end, our honeymoon will be at home,” said Díaz, “There’s not a lot of folk who can say that their honeymoon was 15 days with their husband at home.”

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