If you and your other half are getting married in the very near future, no doubt you may already be wondering whether or not coronavirus will affect your special day and if there’s anything you can do to mitigate the impact so you and your family and friends can have a lovely celebratory time, free from worry.

Founder of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners Bernadette Chapman has some helpful advice for happy couples on the organisation’s official blog, suggesting that there are some safety measures you could put in place to help reassure both you and your guests.

She recommends getting in touch with your suppliers and guests to find out if they’ve been to any highly infected countries in the last two weeks or have plans to in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

You may decide that they’re better off not coming to the wedding, but where suppliers are concerned always check the contract and the relevant clauses as you may not receive any refunds.

Ms Chapman also recommends placing hand sanitisers at the entrance to the wedding reception, as well as putting some on each table in the venue.

For upcoming weddings, it would also be worth reading this article on the Financial Times website detailing how some wedding insurance providers – including Debenhams and John Lewis – have withdrawn cover ahead of the 2020 wedding season.

John Lewis has suspended applications for wedding cover while it assesses the impact of both public health advice and travel relating to coronavirus.

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